In San Francisco rates of screening, stage of diagnosis, and breast cancer survival varies significantly by race, socioeconomic status, and neighborhood.

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Breast cancer treatment is individualized based on stage, type of cancer and individual


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Breast cancer screening is still important during COVID19


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Where  you live matters: breast cancer disparities in San Francisco.


Breast Cancer in San Francisco: Disentangling Disparities at the Neighborhood Level

San Francisco Cancer Initiative Breast Cancer Task Force

This study uses a novel geographic approach to summarize the distribution of breast cancer in San Francisco and aims to identify the neighborhoods and racial/ethnic groups that are disproportionately affected by this disease.



Mission of Breast Cancer Task Force: Reduce Gaps in Breast Cancer Care

  • Decrease the proportion of women diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer

  • Eliminate breast cancer disparities due to socioeconomic differences or racial/ethnic background in stage at diagnosis, treatment and survival

  • Reduce breast cancer mortality

Breast Cancer Task Force Lead:   Niharika Dixit, MD, Division of Hematology/Oncology, Department of Medicine, UCSF and ZSFG

educating teens to spread the word

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Free Screening Recommendations:

SF Teens for Screens: We implemented the teens4screens program and successfully recruited and trained ~39 teens who disseminated the awareness video and the screening information on the website.  The teens are currently also working on info graphics to share through social media. We created an online resource to facilitate access to existing programs in San Francisco. This information is available on the website in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

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Healthcare Partnerships:

Encouraging participation in the WISDOM Trial, which provides modern risk based breast screening for all women, using precision medicine approaches.


The WISDOM study compares annual mammogram to personalized breast screening. Participants get all their results back and receive  study recommendation for breast screening. A study designed for women by women. For more info visit


  • American Cancer Society

  • Breast Cancer Connections

  • Breast Cancer Emergency Fund

  • Chinatown Public Health Center

  • Circulo de Vida

  • CPMC Sister to Sister Network

  • Kaiser San Francisco

  • Pilipino Senior Resource Center

  • Shanti Project

  • Margot Murphy Breast Cancer Program

  • San Francisco Department of Public Health

  • Zero Breast Cancer

  • Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital


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