SF CAN aims to combat prostate cancer disparities through targeted early detection and follow-up of aggressive disease, and institutional partnerships that ensure high-quality treatment citywide. 

James McCray, D.Min.

I am sure of one thing: I am a survivor of prostate cancer. I believe in screening and encourage men to have it.

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Felton Peterson

Prostate cancer doesnʻt have to be a death sentence - so get checked. Together we can stop prostate cancer.

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early detection & screening: The psa test

The primary test for prostate cancer, the PSA blood test, has been controversial and there are currently no guidelines to inform systematic testing.


The debate is due to the fact that all prostate cancers are not the same. Yet the PSA test cannot differentiate between “low-risk” disease that does not threaten life, and “high-risk” disease that is aggressive, will spread, and can be fatal.


Because the majority of prostate cancers are low-risk, past large-scale PSA testing in the general population led to extensive over-treatment of low-risk disease, often with debilitating side effects.


If you have a Primary Care Provider (PCP):

  • Talk to your PCP about screening availability

If you don’t have Primary Care Provider (PCP):


about prostate cancer

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Our Prostate Cancer Action Network created this information on why mask-wearing is important, and why it is vitally important to seek out cancer screening despite the pandemic.  >Click to download as PDF

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Prostate Cancer Action Network Meetings 
First Fridays of every month, 1-2:30pm

Meetings will be held via Zoom through January 2021.


Please email us at for login information.

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Call for listing of current Support Groups
(415) 514-9417)

Call for listing of current Support Groups
(415) 514-9417)

Call for listing of current Support Groups
(415) 514-9417)


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Our goal is to reduce deaths from prostate cancer for African American men in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Did you know?

  • Prostate cancer is different for African American men.

  • African American men develop and die from prostate cancer more than any other group.

  • Early detection is the best protection, so consider the PSA test.

To meet these specific needs, the Prostate Cancer Action Network was formed.

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