• Who is SF CAN?

    SF CAN is a collaboration of people and partner organizations
    throughout San Francisco.

Cancer in San Francisco


UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
San Francisco City and County
SF Department of Public Health

American Cancer Society SF HIP SFCCC Chinese Hospital SF Hep B Free Kaiser Permanente Hospital Council of Northern and Central California Project InformSF Medical SocietyEnd Hep CTobacco Free SFShanti ProjectCancer Support Community

People:  San Francisco Stories

Personal stories on the impact and importance early detection, prevention and risk assessment for cancer in San Francisco.

Early Detection read more

After my 50th birthday, my physician reminded me it was time for my first colonoscopy. I thought I’d always lived a pretty healthy lifestyle.I didn't think it was an urgent matter needed to be done right away. So I put it on hold. 

Awareness read more

I am a first generation Filipina American living with hepatitis B. Many are unaware that they are at risk and never get screened. Some know they have hep B and avoid discussing it with their friends, families or doctors out of fear or shame. This needs to change.

Screening read more

In 2005, I participated in a screening event at my local church. My test came back with an abnormal result that I initially ignored. I was busy with family and my work as a pastor, and the results weren’t an immediate priority.

Support read more

I didn’t smoke in high school. Cool kids did and I thought it looked phony. I was short and baby-faced and that would have made it worse. When I got to college, the tobacco companies gave out free pipe tobacco so I gave it a try.

Risk Assessment read more

I am a Jewish woman from a family with a number of relatives who carry a genetic mutation known as BRCA. People with BRCA are at significantly greater risk for certain cancers, most notably, breast and ovarian cancer.


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