Tobacco Use

SFCAN's Menthol Project aims to engage communities most disproportionately affected by menthol, by leveraging community advocates/activists.


Reducing tobacco use will reduce rates of lung and other tobacco-caused cancers.

Tobacco use is the single most important contributor to cancer, particularly in disadvantaged populations.  

SF CAN aims to dramatically reduce rates of lung cancer while also reducing other tobacco-caused cancers and diseases.

Tobacco Use

Tobacco Caused

Though identified primarily with lung cancer, tobacco use is linked to cancers of the bladder, pancreas, cervix, esophagus, breast and others. In San Francisco, 10% of the population smokes, a figure on par with the rest of the state (10.8%).

Breast Colorectal

By engaging a full range of public and private partners in a coordinated effort to eliminate tobacco use, we could dramatically reduce rates of lung- and other tobacco-related cancers and diseases.