Social Determinants

Identifying social determinants of health can help improve outcomes for disadvantaged communities.

Limited access to information on prevention, screening and quality care result in health inequities.

SF CAN aims to improve access to high quality care and to better understand why cancers affect some communities more.   

Social Determinants

The majority of San Francisco residents are people of color. Our city's African American, Latino, and Asian populations tend to experience cancer's impact more deeply and widely than the city's white population.  Most cancers occur more frequently in underserved populations, such as communities of color, disadvantaged groups, and LGBT populations. Mortality rates are also higher in those groups.  

Social determinants of health are important factors in those disparities include:

  • limited access to information on prevention
  • limited access to screening and high quality cancer care
  • adverse conditions in which people in these communities live and work 

SF CAN aims to improve access to information and quality of care. We will continue to investigate why many cancers are more prevalent among disadvantaged populations and devise solutions.