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    Please join us in creating a model that will reduce the cancer burden
    in San Francisco, and ultimately, beyond.

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Individuals can be involved by connecting with partners to get screened, understand their risk factors and find services.


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SF CAN promises to be one of the most significant public health campaigns undertaken in a metropolitan area.

We believe San Francisco is the right place to do this and that now is the right time. This city’s remarkable mix of people and organizations is uniquely suited for this work.

The health inequities we see in San Francisco residents are disturbing. For each of the most lethal cancers in San Francisco, proven prevention or early screening methods already exist.

For more information, download our brochure.

The challenge is creating the means for citizens and communities to take full advantage of what we know and what is already available. We envision that in as a little as a decade, we will celebrate significant reductions in cancer, especially among our most disadvantaged residents. Together, we can do this.

To learn more or get involved, contact info@sfcancer.org

Giving to SF CAN

We know what we need to do to make a significant difference in affecting cancer incidence and outcomes in San Francisco. Please join us.

Cancer is not one disease; it strikes and progresses differently in different populations. And screening can make a tremendous difference. With your support for SF CAN, we can drive citywide resources and talent to help halt this deadly disease.

As the backbone organization for SF CAN, UC San Francisco is committed to galvanizing key partners throughout the city to focus on one goal: preventing or slowing cancer by putting what we already know into practice across all populations.

Your generosity can make a difference in San Francisco and beyond by supporting:

  • Evidence-based intervention and training – includes disseminating UCSF’s best practice models
  • Research implementation – developing precise and tailored approaches to prevention and identifying public health interventions
  • Data connectivity – interconnecting disparate health data systems across the city
  • Evaluation – evaluating SF CAN progress and designing a model framework for application in cities across the country

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San Francisco residents can participate in SFCAN by learning personal risk factors for these common cancers, and get screened using the resources below.

SURVEY: Also UCSF researchers are doing a survey about cancer burden and behavior focused on diverse populations in San Francisco and would like your help to ensure that the voices of the entire community are heard.  Click for information on participating.


Hepatitis and liver cancer resources in San Francisco


Tobacco cessation resources in San Francisco