• Approaches

    Modifying individual behaviors and social circumstances
    could prevent up to half of all cancers in San Francisco.

Approaches for reducing cancer rates in San Francisco

Up to half of all cancers are preventable if we could eliminate individual behaviors and social circumstances that increase risk.

These approaches hold particular promise in San Francisco. Task forces are working to leverage these approaches for each of the five cancers.

Cancer Screening Read more

Evidence-based screening approaches can reduce the incidence and mortality of many cancers.

Diet and Exercise Read more

Regular physical activity and a healthy diet can decrease risk for some cancers, as well as improve quality of life after after a cancer diagnosis.

Social Determinants Read more

Underserved populations have higher rates of cancer occurrence and death from the disease.

Tobacco Use Read more

Tobacco use contributes to numerous cancers, such as lung, breast, bladder, head and neck, pancreas, cervix, esophagus, and others.